Last night, Mashable posted a picture on Facebook of their newest interns wishing them luck and asking followers to give them a warm welcome.

Seeing this as an opportunity, Aura’s MD, Laura Sutherland, asked Mashable if they pay interns and what their thoughts were on the wider issue and argument.

To our surprise, they responded! Here’s what they said:


So it seems Mashable thinks paying interns is a no brainer. Is that because they perform better and are more committed?

Aura PR has always tended to pay travel expenses for interns but the pressure is on from the likes of the CIPR for anyone taking on interns, no matter how big or small an agency, to pay them an appropriate wage. We’ve not had the time to commit to an intern this year, as we’ve been so busy and we feel that interns deserve time spent with them in order that they benefit from the experience.

It would be interesting to hear the thoughts from others. Please share this post if you found it interesting and respond with your views!