We’ve been having a think about what makes us happy working in PR, of course, Aura is always a happy place to work, but what makes our lives easier?

• open relationship
• trust
• all the information – don’t just tell us the good bits, we need to be prepared for the worst too
• give us information – we’ll sift through everything you give us and make a judgement about what to use. There’s no such thing as too much information – its when we have none that we are limited in our work
• don’t be scared to use as a sound board
• let us be creative – we like doing things differently
• be aware of our timescales – we don’t just make them up – we have deadlines for many activities for different reasons, all vital to the success of your strategy
• be aware that strategies are designed around your business/organisation objectives – short, medium and long term
• don’t assume that PR is about us churning out press releases and that because you want to be in the press that’ll achieve anything – its not the only way to communicate with your audience – it might be part of it though
• let us access people in your business so we can instil confidence in your staff and other directors – internal communications is sometimes a factor people forget
• if you’re going to do something right, then give it 100% – respect the advice that we offer, don’t go in to PR half heartedly
• be realistic about what you can afford – we can tailor a strategy around it, prioritising activities
• but don’t take PR for granted. It’s a career and PR’s continually develop their skills. It’s not something that you can just get someone to do because they need something to keep them busy
• value PR people that commit themselves to continuous professional development and best practice – we are all members of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and abide by its code of conduct
• let us treat you every once in a while, it’s good for the relationship – unless it’s your turn for a round!

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