Aura PR (Scotland) Ltd, who have offices in Glasgow and Aberdeen and who celebrate their third birthday this month, last night launched Aura Social at their birthday event. The online platform, driven by video, will target clients, PRs and emerging PR talent and will discuss industry related topics as well as give helpful information and tips on some of the services the agency offers.

The launch of this service demonstrates Aura PRs commitment to grasp the new role of PR in business today, offering more than media contacts and writing and distributing press releases. This is not to say that media relations does not still have a role, far from it, but with the varied and experienced skill set available amongst directors and account handlers, Aura PR is using all its assets to enhance its offering and add value to its service.

Laura Sutherland, managing director, Aura PR comments:

“Aura PR was never set up to churn out press releases. We have been working for the last three years to ensure that we are always developing our offering and trying to use our creative ideas to engage with our current and prospective clients.

“We are not an integrated agency, but our ability to think of the bigger picture ensures that we offer our clients a tailored, innovative and relevant strategy that delivers measurable results, using all the tools in the communications mix.

“We have always been enthusiastic about helping ‘the future people in PR’ and improving career routes into the industry.  Aura Social will allow students and graduates to learn about Aura’s agency culture, opinions and how PR works day-to-day.  We often see placement students and interns struggling  as they don’t have any insight into real life PR because they are basing their experience on theory. Our new platform should allow them to engage with us. Feel free to tweet comments and questions to @AuraPR or with the hashtag #AuraSocial.”