As one of this year’s batch of graduates, I know very well that once you’re out there, the pressure is on to find a graduate job. A thought process which the Guardian did a pretty comprehensive article on earlier this year.

“all the evidence suggest that there is a large pool of young talent wanting to get into PR”


“there is a lot of interest  in the sector from graduates”

Are both interesting statements that caught my eye in the latest PR Week. Also, tellingly on their website the jobs getting the highest rate of applications are at entry level.

I’ve obviously been lucky, and I suspect that my reasons for shooting for a job in PR were very similar to a lot of other applicants at that level.

Variety is probably my top reason, who really wants to plod away at the same thing day in and out? It makes life interesting and doing even a little reading online quickly lets prospective graduates into the enticing mantra that “no two days are the same in PR”.

So far, in my experience, the mantra is not far off.

There’s a lot to learn and opportunity to diversify skills, for me anyway, that opportunity here at Aura PR has been there pretty much from day one.

Education doesn’t end with school, and nor should it!

I haven’t come into PR from a CIPR accredited course, at 17, journalism caught my eye and luckily my course had a significant multimedia side, so from there I spent a lot of time working on learning how to ‘do’ video. It’s a skill set I thoroughly enjoy playing with and putting into practice.

Having a particular skill to offer helped me get in, but now I’m here the aim is to catch up with those who have a CIPR accredited degree by becoming a CIPR member and working towards CPD.

It’s no wonder, from my perspective, that PR is popular with graduates. So many skill sets are relevant, the work is diverse and good ideas are always welcome.


Blog post by Caroline Armour – Creative Communications Assistant