Having worked with clients on various exhibitions, we wanted to tell you our secret to successful shows and exhibitions.

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The recipe is fairly simple so feel free to share this post;

• think of your audience and why they are there. What do they want to get from the show/exhibition?
• what do you have to offer this audience that is relevant to them?
• how would the show visitors like to receive this information?
• what messages are you giving – stand design is vital, reflecting branding, messages, products and services
• how can someone with little time on their hands 1. Get a snapshot without spending time looking 2. Get more information without speaking to someone and 3. Know about your brand within 10 seconds of looking or passing your stand?
• we all know the sales technique is to ‘capture’ someone on the stand, get their details and have a brief chat about what the visitor is looking for – however, consider this- what if someone who wasn’t intending to visit your stand sees the stand and finds it intriguing? Last year, we introduced QR codes to one of our client’s stands. One of the only stands to do it and it was noted by many. This gave visitors the opportunity to learn more, on the move!
• having achieved press coverage prior to the show in trade publications allows your audience to know you will be there and what you will be showing – equally, online advertising works well, with stand details, website details for more info and a snapshot of the stand theme/concept allows someone to know where, what, when and gives them a reason to visit
• we meet the press at shows on behalf of clients and set up interviews ahead of the show – diaries fill up quickly
• follow up – essential action! The whether through an email, phone call, social media or a friendly letter with further information

Most importantly, engage with your audience at every opportunity. The media, show visitors and indeed staff manning the stand!

We’d be delighted to discuss any requirements you may have. We’re currently off to a show in Hamburg so we’ll be in touch from the show with tips and hints!