Whilst waiting for my (Laura) flight this afternoon it struck me how important communication is from airline to passenger.
Luckily I’ve never had the misfortune to be in the position of major delays or cancellations, but it does make me wonder if airline workers have communication at the forefront?
Now, Glasgow Airport has a twitter feed which is helpful, but only if you seek the information. Would mobile technology help i.e. SMS alerts for delays? It would certainly mean less wasted time.
There was a steward standing at the desk prior to the plane even arriving for turnaround but there seems to be no information offered for the people either queuing or seated, waiting.
Another suggestion may be a screen at the departure gate, updated regularly with ETA etc?
I suppose another bugbear would be the Glaswegian’s obsession for queuing! What’s that all about? I was waiting for 50 mins, seated, and people started to queue as soon as the 1st and 2nd Kane queue sign was put out. We are all going on the same plane to the same place and I assume we were all booked on? So why the need to queue and kill your back and feet? Especially in heels!!
Anyway, short blog and rant over – thoughts, scenarios and solutions welcome!!