Well, we’re disappointed and taken aback by the response Lotus has issued today, to comments and speculation about the position of the brand in its market place.

Not only is the response on social networking platforms but it’s the newest news post on the Group Lotus website.

A brand that’s been linked with quality, professionalism, cutting edge design and things some British brands can aspire to, has in one day, not only let themselves down but their customer has questioned what the brand now stands for. #prfail

Many personal comments can be made in times like this, it’s very tempting, but we must remember that although the brand has a personality, it probably didn’t set out to be childish and unprofessional.

From a PR company that loves automotive clients and indeed has had the pleasure of working with Lotus, we hope that someone manages their reputation well and that whoever issued such a personal and reactive quote is reigned in.

Did Lotus PR really write and issue this statement or was it an instruction from someone senior who’s taken things personally?

When writing a reactive statement one thing we would recommend straight off – keep it professional and don’t make it personal.