Social media support

Social media support in this fast evolving socially-driven world

We’re here for your social media support: if you’re not in the right place, at the right time, with the right content, you’re missing a huge opportunity¬†


Through our commitment to professional development, it’s our job to keep on top of everything so we can offer the best social media support, advice and strategy.

With so many platforms and changing algorithms, it’s difficult enough for pros like us to keep up with social media developments, never mind those who have little knowledge or experience!

It’s all about knowing your audience. Who are they? Where do they hang out? What do they talk about? What challenges do they face or what do they love right now?

Aura has a lot of PR tools in our toolbox and we use these to correctly identify platforms, times, topics and often we can be reactive and cease the moment!

social media support Aura PR Glasgow ScotlandWe use data and insights to get an in-depth view of your audience. We know what works well on different platforms and optimal times to post. Although, nowadays, there’s such a huge amount of content being published every second, it’s difficult to get cut-through. That’s why we recommend including a budget for paying to reach the desired audience. It guarantees you’ll reach them. We’d work with you to develop campaigns around activities and suggest platforms to test on before going live with the final campaign. It means we’ve tested and know it works, rather than committing a big budget with no understanding if it will work or not!

Recently we’ve been testing different Google ads for a client, based on key search words. It’s important in social media that we look to develop key themes and consistency in what we do.

We take the stress out of it for you. We propose what we know will be likely to work and we test it. The best approach is always to develop, test, refine, develop, test and refine further.

Social media can be a minefield if you don’t know what you’re doing. Drop us a note to see how we can give you the right social media support and start reaching the right audiences, at the right time, with the right content.