Welcome to my PR webinars

This page is my online learning platform which hosts my PR webinars.

I plan to evolve the training I can offer, making it as practical as possible. Everything will be pre-recorded unless you take part in the original live version, and I offer a 30-minute follow up call with everyone who books one of my PR webinars.

PR webinars are a great way to learn and brush up on skills, and mine are set up to be short, and packed full of tips. All my PR webinars are built from experience so I can talk first-hand about the topic. They’ll also be worth CPD points, so don’t forget to keep the confirmation and add to your chosen CPD platform.

If you’d like to take one of my PR webinars, click on the webinar you’d like to watch and it’ll take you through to Eventbrite to pay for the webinar and you’ll receive the link to watch. The link will expire after 14 days. Please contact me directly via laura@aura-pr.com to book your 30-minute follow up, once you’ve had a chance to write out your questions. Or, if you’d prefer, email me your questions and I’ll respond.


PR webinars

PR strategy is often mistaken as tactical and often, there is little time spent researching audiences, channels and platforms. In this session, you’ll learn how to look for data and turn it into insights, which will then be used to develop a public relations and communication strategy. The insights can then go on to inform the tactical PR plan, detailing best content, message, channel and timing. All content original and created by Aura PR. Copyright Aura PR. INTRODUCTORY OFFER £145+VAT


PR webinars

An app and online tool to enable non-designers, to design content for social media, presentations, logos and so much more. I take you through the Pro version, which is what I use, and show you around the thousands of free templates, images, icons, animations and show you how simple it is to get a professional looking design done and dusted! All content original and created by Aura PR. Copyright Aura PR. INTRODUCTORY OFFER £45+VAT


PR webinars

Podcasts are back and they are on the rise! From listening to shows when driving, running, walking, dog walking or even when cooking, podcasts are a convenient way to learn, hear from specialists on chosen subjects and get motivated. This tried and tested workshop will see Laura Sutherland share her experience and learnings. After reading blogs, speaking to other podcasters and learning by trial and error, Laura launched “People buy People” in 2019 and knows that there are many people who want to take the leap, but don’t know how to get started – research showed this was the biggest stumbling block! There’s a fine line between quantity vs quality vs time to publish and Laura Sutherland, will talk through the steps to creating, recording and launching a podcast, including: 1. Equipment 2. Interviews 3. Hosting 4. Editing 5. Show design and brand 6. Launch. All content original and created by Aura PR. Copyright Aura PR. INTRODUCTORY OFFER £75+VAT

A 40-minute webinar showing you how to design and send an email via Mailchimp. An app and online tool to enable non-designers to design, put together and send an email campaign. Using data and personalising content is essential to engage your audience. A key way to sell tickets, products, keep people informed of news and how to keep communities engaged. Includes video, images, fonts, reports and more. Original content by and all rights are with Aura PR. Copyright Aura PR. INTRODUCTORY OFFER £45+VAT

Got any requests? I’ll be recording more webinars and would love your input! Email me any suggestions.

Please do not share your link during your 14 days. I’m sure you can appreciate this is a source of income to my business and I deserve to be compensated for the time and effort in producing this material.