pr & communications

PR is at the heart of all my work. We build relationships with audiences to build trust.

Businesses and organisations have long understood the power customers, service-users and stakeholders have to influence its reputation and its profits for better and for worse. Ultimately organisations and business have seen their viability threatened.

A strategic PR plan can have a long-term effect. It should be an integrated part of any business plan and it should also help inform business strategy and areas of potential growth. PR can also act as a soundboard for research and development.

I firmly believe in strategy and not doing something for the sake of it.

Read this slide deck which outlines the modern PR model I work to – PESO. We look to develop brand stories through paid, earned, shared and owned media, cutting through the huge volume of posts and content online every day. If you don’t have a strong news story which will achieve editorial and you don’t have a budget to buy media space, this model will help identify how we can still engage your target audience.

Get in touch to discuss further – it’s a lot to take in!