content marketing & seo

Developing meaningful and relevant content that is of value to the reader

Online content, or content marketing, can be anything from crafting messages on social channels, developing good SEO content for your website or a blog post that’ll engage. The aim is to drive traffic to your site and help increase business by converting visitors to brand ambassadors.

Videos, images, infographics are also elements to consider in a content strategy, as they can visually help tell the story.

Content marketing is a huge part of telling a story and the best part is, it’s all owned by you! You’re in control of everything from the wording, the frequency and the timing of publishing.

Planning content is important, but it’s a timely task. Research is crucial and being concise is essential.

What does content do? Well, it can position you as a thought leader. It can make your brand appear more knowledgeable and helpful. You will soon become the go-to for information and comments on issues and industry matters.

content marketing


Data and Analytics

If you’ve got a website and social media accounts, you’ll already have plenty of data at your fingertips. Yet, you might not know what they mean or how to use it. If this isn’t your forte then leave it to someone who knows what to do and how to use them!

We can use the analytics to see what’s working and what’s not. We use the detail to help develop a strategy that’s informed and relevant.

Once we’ve done our research we’ll be looking at audiences, platforms, messages and content plans. We’ll ensure it’s integrated with your other PR, marketing and communications activities to ensure maximum impact.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is something we need to take into consideration when developing content in addition to looking at your keywords. SEO often determines the content! Without getting too technical, we need organic and paid search listings to be high up on the first page, preferably no.1. We also use tools to gauge your ranking and that of competitors.

Let’s get geeky! Contact us to discuss how we can tell your story and engage your audience.