one-to-one consultancy

One-to-one consultancy tailored to your business needs

One-to-one consultancy is one of the most effective ways of working; sitting down with a set agenda, setting out what we want to achieve. It’s away from distraction and you’ll be sitting with me and will have my undivided attention.

consultancy - Aura PR communicationsDepending on the level of consultancy required, this can be a one-day intensive session or there may be a requirement for regular one-to-one sessions.

For smaller businesses, the day can be split into two half-days if preferred. The one-to-one working ensures focus, balance and a strategy which can be adopted following the session. In some cases, depending on the complexity of the business/organisation, more than one day will be required.

For larger business, the one-to-one sessions may have a different focus, on a specific area of work.

“Laura’s expertise is invaluable for PR practitioners wishing to develop and improve.

“Her strategic know-how benefits not only the individual, but, of course, ultimately helps get results for clients.”

Independent PR consultant who booked me for strategy training.

One-to-one phone counsel

Could you benefit from one-to-one phone counsel discussing an urgent issue or brainstorming an idea? Some fellow practitioners use this one hour call to discuss career options…

It’s sometimes not easy to speak to the board about PR and communications issues and challenges, particularly if you know what you need to discuss won’t necessarily be received well. It may give you more confidence and cement your thinking, to have a discreet conversation and seek counsel from an experienced practitioner, who can offer advice and talk about their experiences.

As someone who regularly speaks to other experts in their field, I recognise that an independent view and non-biased approach can have a much better impact. You may need a bit of coaching or you may just need to talk through the scenario and have a sounding board.

You’ll finish the call with a clear idea of what you need to do.

You can book your 60 minute call in advance by sending me an email with your requirements and suggested dates/times. Price £125 + VAT. I offer CIPR members a discounted rate of £100 + VAT. The call is limited to one person and can be via phone or Skype.