On 27th May at 11.30am, I’ll be going live to help business leaders

Over the last eight weeks I’ve been in limbo between a small amount of client work, the volunteering work I do for PRCA Scotland, some PR community hangouts to keep the industry together and feeling positive, but I’ve specifically dedicated a huge amount of time to listening and developing my thinking about how businesses can move forward from the state of crisis.

There is a lot of panic, noise, misinformation within teams, online and in the media, but I want to bring a clear sense of direction with a clear strategy. Of course, there is no silver bullet and every business is different…

Pretty much nothing has stayed ‘normal’ and the very fact everything has changed means businesses need to change.

On Wednesday next week I’ll be going live in a webinar, aimed at business leaders and owners, delivering my thoughts on the blueprint for how businesses can adapt and get ready for more positive times.

If you sit back and rest on your laurels you won’t be going anywhere…

Join me as I talk it through and if it’s of interest, you can book your leadership workshop when suits and we can get to work breaking things down, in order to build a better, more sustainable and resilient business.

  1. Review
  2. Re-imagine
  3. Re-ignite

Reserve your place here.