Protecting your enterprise. Protecting your staff and customers and encouraging long-term loyalty. Protection starts with planning…

The world we knew will be no more. Businesses had to change in a matter of days, employees had to change where and the way they worked, consumers changed their buying habits and how they make decisions, and who knows what the future will hold.

What I do know is that businesses which start to plan just now will be ready for a new era when measures are relaxed and people start to figure out how they feel.

A lot of what’s happening right now is about psychology. It’s about the grief cycle people are in, after having lost their former everyday lives, and when measures are relaxed, there will be a massive emotional attachment to doing what they used to do. How will people feel about cinemas, restaurants etc where people are close to them, people have touched products they are buying?

These considerations are what drove me to get my own act together and to start a package for businesses that either are starting to plan for the future or for those who haven’t but recognise they need to.

I’m in a good position because I’m an independent consultant so I can be constructive and agile in my work, but as part of my role is to provide strategic advice, I’ll be on the lookout for opportunities to help and support the economy get back on track.

Things I’ll be considering (not an exhaustive list):

  • Previous business plan
  • New business plan
  • Structure
  • Organisational purpose and brand

The Post Pandemic PR Planning Package isn’t about media coverage, just so you know. By now you’ll know that PR has evolved significantly, and it all starts with objectives and strategy, and at the moment, rule books are being ripped up across the world and new ones are being written in pencil.

What the Post Pandemic Planning Package package includes:

Post Pandemic Planning Package

The Post Pandemic Planning Package outcomes will include:

“at the moment, rule books are being ripped up across the world and new ones are being written in pencil”

The outcomes will then let you decide what priorities and timescales you want to put into place. Of course, if your team are still working, get them on it, but if they have been furloughed, then I can help progress things onto the next stage.

There are optional add-ons, including (not an exhaustive list):

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Stakeholder research
  • Audience profiling
  • PR and communication strategy development
  • Volunteer engagement strategy
  • Brand refresh
  • Culture change

How long will this take?

I know the package sounds detailed, it is, but I’m a fast worker! I estimate, depending on things like access to data, how quickly you can make decisions, that I can take a brief and deliver the outcomes above in 10 working days (depending on availability). Potentially quicker depending on variables.

Benefits of working with me:

  • I’m a highly respected strategic Chartered PR professional with nearly 20 years’ experience
  • I’ve worked with companies from one-man bands to multi-billion pound businesses
  • I know how to navigate and what tools to use
  • This is the best kind of work for me – it’s aligned to the part of my brain which is passionate, a super sleuth for data and a comprehensive report is always guaranteed
  • You don’t have to recruit or waste any more time wondering how you’ll get back on track
  • I’m happy to adapt per business
  • I’m an agile worker so I’m happy to work with your existing team
  • Everything can be done remotely so there are no hidden costs

There is a flat fee for this and I don’t normally publish my fees, but for a two week project (with the potential for add-ons), this will cost SMEs a reduced rate of £2,999 + VAT. Happy to discuss payment terms.

If you’re a CIPR or PRCA member or part of the PRFest community, I’d be willing to offer a further discount of 10% on the Post Pandemic Planning Package.

Please do share the Post Pandemic Planning Package across your networks as I try to help SMEs prepare for the future.