Opportunities for media and bloggers

The programme launch of the 20th West End Festival will take place on the evening of Wednesday, 22 April, showcasing over 400 events in over 80 venues around Glasgow’s west end.

Media are invited to attend a photo, film and interview opportunity at 10.30am on Wednesday, 22 April at the Kibble Palace, where we will have a giant theatrical mask in red and black along with two children, Michael Dale (West End Festival Director) and Liz Scobie (Festival Chairman).

We will meet at the entrance to the Kibble Palace at 10.30am and depending on weather, use the Botanic Gardens or Kibble Palace – hopefully the sunny gardens in all its bloom!

Media and bloggers have also been invited along to the evening event (from 6pm at Kibble Palace), which is primarily an opportunity for a first look at the programme, but also to celebrate the build up to the festival, taking place from 5-28 June.

Michael and Liz will also be available for interview on both occasions. A press release will be available from the morning of 22 April and will be widely distributed by Aura PR.

Please confirm attendance for the morning media opportunity and an absolute must to confirm attendance at the evening launch event – Laura Sutherland, Aura PR e: laura@aura-pr.com M: 07764 936 840 @laurafromaura


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