A recent study, conducted by New Start Scotland exhibition organisers, has found that 79% of Scottish employers in the service sector would allow home working, which is a sign of recognition of the digital era.

Ceri Rogers, exhibition director said: “When we asked our exhibitors*if they would consider allowing their employees to work from home, we didn’t expect so many to say ‘yes’. Many employers have expressed concerns over the last year or so that they will lose control over quality of work and were worried about ‘skiving’. This survey has actually pleasantly surprised us!”

Trusted employees who are well trained and self-motivated are the ideal candidates to work from home, especially in a results orientated industry where workload and outcomes can be tangibly measured against targets and key performance indicators. For working Mums, it could be the flexibility required to balance the time needed for nursery drops/pick-ups and potentially sick children.

David Scouller from Accelerating Business said: “It’s the way forward, due to advances in communication staff can be monitored if necessary but I feel that the benefits to staff are mainly to provide a better work/life balance and a trust between employer and employee has proved beneficial to both parties and actually increases productivity and as connectivity devices improve home based will be the future.”

Christian Peterson from Royal Mail added: “As a line manager personally the most important part is output – what is achieved. If this is best done at home then I’m happy for people to do so. I have found that if you create a flexible environment and encourage people to utilise this you are rewarded with greater output from the staff involved – and that has to be good for the business. The key is to ensure people don’t become isolated and lose important interaction with other colleagues, suppliers and clients.”

Gary Allan from Big Think Agency makes a valid point: “It’s down to trust. If you don’t trust the person, then you can’t let them work from home. Which begs the question, if you don’t trust the person, then why is he / she working for you in the first place?”

New Start Scotland and Scottish Business Exhibition will run on 14th and 15th November from 10am-4pm and is FREE to attend. Technology businesses with services, hardware, software and expertise will be on hand to assist anyone or business considering home working to be flexible and ultimately more profitable.

Visit www.newstartscotland.com or www.thescottishbusinessexhibition.com for further information.

*sample of 1000 with 98 responses