According to a report by Ofcom published today, the use of mobile phones to access the internet has increased significantly in Scotland over the last year, more than any other part of the UK.

You can read Ofcom’s press release here in full.

Key points made:

  • The proportion of those in Scotland that access the web on their mobile was 44% in 2013, an increase of 13 percentage points on last year.
  • Mobile phone users in Scotland also reported greater use of online activities than the UK average for visiting websites (50% compared to 39%), accessing email (45% compared to 37%), and social networking (44% compared to 37%)
  • This increase has been partly driven by the rise in smartphone ownership in
    Scotland: up 13 percentage points to 45% of adults, but still below the UK
    average of 51%
  • A quarter of households in Scotland also now own a tablet with take-up more than doubling, from 11% to 24%, equal to the UK average.
  • Those in Scotland most likely to have purchased a tablet are aged 35-54 (43% of whom had one in
    their household) and from higher-income households (40% of those with an annual
    household income of £17,500 and above)

Other points the report news release discusses include; Slight rise in broadband take-up; Mixed picture for broadcasting; Use of online services; Highlights of the UK report.

The full report is available to read here