Aura has today, (Tuesday, 10 December), launched a new website, which integrates the existing blog and brings a fresh approach to engaging its clients, media, employees and a wider audience across the globe.

Since changes took place in the agency over a year ago, the focus and dynamics have changed, with new clients and new members of the team coming on board.

Aura’s MD, Laura Sutherland said: “We need to practice what we preach! We’re often involved in website development for clients and our old website wasn’t working hard enough for us or telling the right story. When the blog was launched a couple of years ago, we knew it would be a driver for delivering news but also for opinions and views.

“The new website is visual, multi-purpose and will help us better engage with our own audiences. With integrated statistics and ease of functionality, the new site can keep developing for years to come.”

The existing blog hosted on WordPress will be taken down in 7 days (Tuesday, 17 December), and followers can now sign up to the new site, via e-newsletter or blog subscription.

Sutherland finished: “A huge thanks to Fission for pulling everything together – it’s been a labour of love for me for over six months. We’re looking forward to getting feedback from site visitors over the next couple of weeks.”