Glasgow-based designers, Friends of Wilson, will launch an exhibition tomorrow of a new modular acoustic wall panel system at The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture. The designers’ products have already been installed in the Trump Hotel and Resort in Miami. (Preview event to be held this evening).

The company helps architects, interior designers and specifiers implement their creative vision without being let down by unwanted sound or by acoustic panels that compromise the look of the interior design. It will showcase its new modular wall panel system, Tessellate.


An animation will also be displayed, highlighting the important benefits that good acoustic design can bring to the spaces we live, work and socialise in.


Director Lynne Wilson said: “We have worked in partnership with Salford University Acoustic Laboratories on the animation and performance-testing of Tessellate to industry standard. Our work was supported by the Government’s Technology Strategy Board innovation voucher scheme which was awarded to Friends of Wilson following a successful application in 2013.


“The exhibition at The Lighthouse is our first public exhibition of work and we are delighted to be on show within our home city, Glasgow.”


Ian Elder, Manager of The Lighthouse finished: “At The Lighthouse, we measure the impact of design on our everyday lives and Friends of Wilson’s acoustic panels fit right in there. I’m looking forward to seeing how the designers demonstrate the effect of sound and how their new system enhances both the interior and sound quality.”


The Lighthouse – Review Gallery


28th February- 6th April 2014