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AuraTalk issue 5 launched

AuraTalkThe free PR tool from Aura, AuraTalk, is designed for SMEs, specifically giving helpful tips of how PR and digital marketing can and should be used to grow business.

The fifth issue of the e-zine (your free PR tool) covers some news from Aura, a blogger interview with Scottish-based international lifestyle blogger, Thankfifi, how businesses can use virtual reality to give consumers a brand experience, an explanation of how public relations services are costed and a ‘recipe’ for restaurant marketing.

The e-zine is a collection of posts from the Aura blog, AuraTalk, but designed in a handy viewing format.

Aura’s thinking is, if we can give SMEs a free PR tool to help explain the role of public relations and digital marketing in business, plus the value it adds to achieving business goals, we not only help businesses get smarter, but we may even end up working with more businesses as a result of demonstrating knowledge, skills and Aura’s own personality.

The first issue of AuraTalk was launched in 2016 on World Book Day. It’s our belief that sharing is caring and we absolutely care about your brand and business.

Check out what services Aura offers and if you think we can work with you to help your business define its audiences, create a strategy which will not only engage those audiences but add value to your bottom line, then get in touch. Laura would be delighted to set up a meeting to have an initial free consultation. It may be that you just need a hand with identifying who your market is, where they hang out and what they talk about, so you can create great content for them, or it may be that you need a full audit, strategy development and execution of activity. Whatever your needs are, there’s no harm in exploring what options you have. After all, it’s a free consultation!

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