Yesterday The Drum announced its new awards for PR – The Drum PR Awards

Over the last couple of months I’ve given input into The Drum PR Awards and met with it’s mastermind, Lynn Lester, to discuss what could make them stand out and make them credible.

Lynn wrote about her experience of developing the awards and I can sympathise with everything she heard and had to consider! I for one, gave her so much information and things to consider, but only so she could make informed decisions.

I LOVE how Lynn has used one of our challenges to get us on side and place value on our industry, although I wouldn’t say press releases are entirely gone. The importance she has placed on what we do underlines The Drum’s commitment to helping the industry as much as making the awards work.

We understand the value of PR and the impact it has across the entire marketing ecosystem. Long gone are the days of spin doctors and press releases; PR has matured and is constantly progressing quicker than we can keep up.  PR is not a dirty word and The Drum is about to prove it.  In actual-fact, we’re about to reveal to the world, the people and businesses who are the best of the best.

I’m delighted and honoured to have been asked to be a member of the global jury – what a line-up! Bring on the judging!

So what makes good awards? In my opinion…

  1. Clear instructions
  2. USP to differentiate your awards from other PR awards
  3. Transparency
  4. Credible judges
  5. Not too many categories (thinking of how boring an awards ceremony can be!)
  6. Categories which stand for the industry
  7. Must-have criteria, including NO AVEs, guidance on best practice, particularly for objectives and measurement

I do recognise they have to be commercial and that’s one of the main drivers to host awards, but at least make them credible and transparent! I think it’s great that it has the Awards Trust Mark!

The Drum is a respected, creative and fun brand. If anyone can pull off new awards, the team there can. Good luck if you decide to enter! There are 33 categories to choose from!

Find out more and download The Drum PR Awards entry pack here. The awards take place in September, if you’re interested.