Aura has been appointed to work with Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group to deliver a summit, bringing together 150 leaders in government, business, academia, non-government organisations (NGOs) and civic society, to celebrate what Scotland has achieved to-date and to provide an opportunity to hold meaningful conversations and discussions about how to engage a wider audience, enabling us as a country, to close the gap on the targets set.

The event also provides a launch platform for an exciting new initiative: a national Centre for Sustainable Practice & Living, which will jointly be supported by the University of Stirling Management School (SMS) and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). It will provide a safe place for collaboration – a Scottish “Collaboratory”- that will help the 2020 Climate Group and wider society to run scenarios and collaborate widely on the main issues around tackling emissions and realising Scotland’s aims to become a world leading sustainable and vibrant nation.

The 21st Convention of Parties (COP) is being held in Paris in December this year and the summit will play a part in laying a path to COP.

Laura Sutherland, Aura’s MD said: “The summit is a natural extension of the work we have been doing with the Group since early 2014. Specifically for the summit, we will be co-ordinating the event as well as looking after the PR around the event and the live reporting on the day.

“It’s a pleasure working with some of Scotland’s most credible and profiled leaders. People who are passionate about their area of work and who are actually making things happen. The event is by invitation only and we’re looking forward to the summit next week.

“We’ll be using Periscope to live broadcast the summit speakers on Twitter and we’ll be running a live feed throughout the morning. Keep up to speed using #2020summit and #Scotlandcollaborates.”