Being a small social and agile agency, we need to be able to work quickly and effectively no matter where we are. We connect with clients, the media and our teams anytime, any place.

Here are five apps we use almost, if not, daily that help us do our jobs:

Although we pay for the account, the limit on files is large and sharing could not be more simple between clients, the team and the media.

You can share folders with people when cross working, there’s a desktop version, there’s an apps for phones and tablets and it all syncs when online.

The most useful part is sending a link from the folder or document via email with just two clicks!

We use TweetDeck to run live Twitter streams of hashtags or accounts we’re following, there and then. We use Hootsuite for posting across multiple platforms but TweetDeck is great quickly setting up live streams. It’s great because it’s a Twitter product so organisation with lists etc is integrated.

We jut love this app – you can use it with voice or video and the beauty of it is you can do screen sharing, which is great for demos. More than two people can be on at any time we think this is perfect for collaboration sessions at the same time as saving money and travel time.

  • Facebook Pages

We use this many times a day! The insights are phenomenal and you can track everything live. The ‘boost post’ function and page ads are a necessary part of being on the platform now, as brands struggle to cut through the millions of posts posted each day.

Eventbrite had an upgrade a few years ago but it needs another. There are still things which can be improved on the platform, such as the way it lets you handle data, the information is uses when publishing an attendee list etc.

Having said that it reduces a huge amount of admin time, it deals with your finances, it gives you analytics and it’s got a great check-in app for tablets when you’re on-site at events.

We’ll do more useful posts in the future. If you’ve got a specific request, let us know!

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