From today, I will be recording and posting 15 second videos about PR topics, ranging from blogs to follow and top tips to ‘instathoughts’, covering different areas of work. This is an idea generated by my involvement in #PRStack, developing something useful for PR people to be better at their job. I’ve also been prompted to take action on what I’ve learned!

Using only an iPhone (6S) and the iMovie app, I will show how quick it is to put together a video, upload it to YouTube and publish it. The very nature of ‘digital PR’ is being able to do something reactively and quickly and video is the one of the top ways of engaging audiences. I’m not pretending it’s going to be Oscar material, but what it will do (hopefully), is engage a younger audience of PR execs. The follow up can be done via Twitter using the hashtag #AuraPops.

Today the first video went out launching the idea. Tomorrow, a video will be posted covering women in PR.

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Laura Sutherland FCIPR