I’m very pleased to launch a new brand identity for Aura today along with my new training and events programme, the Aura Academy.

The Aura Academy launches today and coincides with the Aura PR brand refresh and launch of a suite of identities for the different services I offer.

PR consultancy for modernising public relations and communication

Bite-sized, affordable, practical workshops for small groups of practitioners

PR Festival

A (quarterly) closed event for up to 10 people to work ON their businesses, professional plans and teams.


Since starting PRFest five years ago, I’ve had many requests to organise smaller, bite-sized training events, taking the conversations I have on a regular basis, and putting them into learning opportunities for all. As much of the training will come from my own experience and offering useful advice and tips as well as methods and processes. What’s more useful than hearing from real life examples?

Not every agency or organisation will have an in-house trainer and independent practitioners only have finite budgets, so if I can help other practitioners modernise their practice and up-skill, I’d love to do that in-line with industry trends and demand. When we used to do ‘Freshly Brewed’, when I Chaired the CIPR Scotland group, they were always sold out. Topics need to be relevant, price needs to be affordable and they need to be bite-sized so people aren’t out the office for too long.

I have been very mindful of budgets and location, too, and so what I have launched just now, will offer value for money and practical learning ready to take further when you leave.

It will also be accessible, ensuring the venues have hearing loops, disabled access, are keenly priced and well promoted to the wider industry.

The training and events programme will also include PR Space, an initiative I launched last year, for senior PR and communication professionals to work ON their businesses, plans and teams, away from the everyday hustle and pressures of being IN the office. You can check out more information via the website.

Those people who know me, know I’m deeply committed to professional development and as such, despite not having a degree, nor a diploma, I’ve worked hard to achieve Chartered practitioner status, demonstrating leadership, strategy and ethics. My continued voluntary work in the industry saw me awarded a Fellowship in 2015 and earlier this year, awarded the Sir Stephen Tallents medal from CIPR President, Emma Leech. I’d love to build this side of Aura and continue to do my consultancy for clients, around strategy, transformation, audit and risk and crisis PR.

Events calendar now live:

12 November, PR Space – Edinburgh, £42 BOOK HERE (Only 4 places left)

14 January, How to Get Started in Podcasting – Glasgow, £25 BOOK HERE

21 January, How to Conduct a Communication Audit – Glasgow, from £95 BOOK HERE

25 February, Exploring taking the leap to become a solo PR professional – Edinburgh, from £125 BOOK HERE

17 March, Crisis PR and Communication for Beginners – Glasgow, from £95 BOOK HERE

31 March, PR Space – Glasgow, £42 BOOK HERE

*tickets subject to VAT, but include booking fee

How you can book

For further information or to secure your place, visit the Aura Eventbrite page. A dedicated page for the Academy is being built for the Aura website.

I will be working on further sessions for the second quarter of 2020 and would be pleased to hear any suggestions or requests which would be of interest. Please email me laura@aura-pr.com with any requests.


As if the Aura Academy and brand suite wasn’t enough, I’ve launched my manifesto.

aura manifesto

After all the work I’ve been doing, developing my services to both businesses and fellow practitioners, I felt the need to revisit Aura’s own brand. It’s healthy to review and take stock of challenges and opportunities.

It struck me… I had only recently added my mission, vision and values to the Aura website, but there wasn’t any creative to demonstrate what Aura is all about. What you, as a client, could expect. So, I have been working on a manifesto which rather nicely captures all the elements which make Aura strategic, valued and award-winning.

Do you have a manifesto? Can you demonstrate on a piece of A4 what your business is all about?  What do you think? I’m not about to embark on a political career, fear not, but I do think this will be very helpful for me to relate back to when making decisions and developing my business.

I think that’s all I (and no doubt you), can handle in one day! It’s been a mammoth task getting to this place, but now I’m here, I love what I see and I’m excited about the opportunities for both you and me. Let’s chat soon!