my aura

My manifesto, mission, vision and values


“A public declaration of policy and aims”. Here’s my manifesto.

Aura PR manifesto

Aura’s mission and vision is centred around harnessing the power of public relations


My mission is to work with clients so they understand the benefit, impact and return of investment of robust, strategic public relations. Through the work I do, I want it to underline the purpose of the organisation and the impact it has on wider society. Public relations isn’t about selling. It’s about finding what your stakeholders care about and using that to strengthen the organisation and making it relevant, trustworthy and representative of the people it seeks to engage. That’s where reputation comes from – what others say about you, not what you say.


My vision will guide my own decisions within Aura. It will guide, along with my values, who I work with and who I don’t. My vision is to work across the world, with world-class organisations, to change the way in which they look at public relations, how they integrate it within their organisation and properly monitor, measure and evaluate it’s function. Essentially, I want to modernise the approach to an often under-valued and misunderstood strategic management function.

In addition, I want to carry on working with other senior public relations and communication professionals, guiding them through changing and often challenging times, in their organisations, careers and professional development. My mentoring plan is phase two.

My collaborative approach to my work and my entrepreneurial spirit will allow much more meaningful work and relationships to be developed, as well as a wider reach and effective results.

Aura’s values are reflective of my own personality.

Aura’s values are important to me and my clients. I want to work with like-minded people and those with different skills and experiences. People who care and people who are passionate about what they do. I also have a respect for those who are straight-talking like me. It cuts out the bull and helps maximise opportunities and time. It also helps build trust. It demonstrates that I operate with integrity.

I invest my whole self into my work and I often speak about ‘we’ with clients, as I operate as if your business was my own.

I recognise that in business, it takes all sorts. People are human. No-one is untouchable. People make mistakes, but it’s what we do as a result, that has the lasting impact.

PR spokespeople

In addition, I want to have a purpose. I feel my happiest and most useful when I’ve been given a purpose, a problem to solve. It’s the same as organisations – I help them find their purpose and underline it to stakeholders. Purpose makes it easier to develop strategy and to measure effectiveness. Without purpose, what’s the point?

My personal investment in professional development should speak volumes – I’m a Chartered PR professional and I complete my CPD every year. My commitment to my own industry doesn’t stop there. I also help others in their professional development through my PR festival, PRFest and I am a mentor in the CIPR’s Progress scheme.

By investing in my own skills and knowledge, I can ensure I offer the best advice to clients. In addition, it also allows me to develop new services and offerings for clients, including my own peers, who regularly lean on me for support.

I believe in giving back and as a result, I’ve volunteered for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations for well over 10 years! Key roles include Chair of the Scotland group, CIPR Council Member, CIPR Board Director and currently, Chair of the Fellows’ Forum.

I speak at a lot of business and student events, discussing the work I do and how it helps businesses and organisations achieve their goals. The thing is, anyone can do the talking. I can walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

Aura’s commitment to clients is that they have chosen to work with me, someone who values trust, integrity, openness and also enjoys what I do. I have your best interests at heart, always. I have excellent relationships with my clients and they value my advice and experience. They also value my ability to look at challenges and come up with a solution. I’m an extension of your management team and board, so work with me on being the best we can be.