I have introduced a mentoring plan for fellow PR and communication pros and business owners who need to be more PR-savvy. It’s a blend of mentoring and development coaching.

I’ve always been passionate about helping people in the industry and I care about the future of it. I call myself an industry ambassador as I want to advocate the highest of standards in practice as well as help people get to where they want to be.

Mentoring model

The model I will use includes personal and professional development and it will initiate exploration and support execution.

It will look at the challenges mentees face, choices to be made (and the consequences/outcomes), creative solutions (I like to think outside the box) and then evaluate progress. 

What the plan also includes:

  • help build your confidence
  • access to my experience and thinking
  • initial exploration consultation about the ‘why’ and agree goals
  • development plan
  • a monthly catch-up Zoom
  • shared experience
  • introductions to contacts
  • free access to resources I’ve already created
  • constructive feedback
  • everyone will be treated equally, as human beings
  • confidentiality
  • I’ll challenge you!

The spaces for the pilot Mentoring and Development Coaching plan have now been filled. I’ve taken on three mentees.

The next intake for mentees will be 1 May 2021. The cost will be £1,500 (equivalent of £250 a month) for six months or £3,000 for nine months. I’m happy to discuss payment options.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or you’d like to progress with one of the above options.