Influencer Relations

Influencer relations is a key component in PR strategy

Influencer relations – influencers can be anyone in media, a blogger, an Instagrammer, YouTuber or perhaps someone senior in an industry.

influencer relationsInfluencer relations is one of the fastest growing areas of public relations as brands seek to have influencers talk about their brand, in their own voice, on their own platforms. It’s an area where we would look to devise a specific influencer strategy and we’d have to consider a budget to obtain the influencers and get them on board with campaigns.

The public and consumers trust influencers because they talk about their own experiences. They don’t lie to their followers. Brands are quickly grasping this and working with various forms of influencers to raise awareness of products and services as well as endorsements.

Aura develops influencer relations strategies as much of our work requires that ‘human element’ of endorsement as well as reaching audiences who we wouldn’t normally be able to reach, in an authentic way.

5 reasons why you need to be using influencer relations in your strategy:

  1. traditional ads are becoming ineffective – consumers are using ad blockers so they don’t get inundated with them
  2. brands are investing more into influencer relations every year – the big brands have invested and have already reaped the rewards, now smaller brands want to take advantage of one of the fastest growing engagement tactics in PR
  3. familiar faces are presenting the content in their own way – it’s native. When you combine the an attractive ‘offer’ with an established influencer, the combined effort can be huge
  4. the return on investment (ROI) can be equally huge – it is estimated that influencer content can generate 11% higher return than traditional digital campaigns. This suggests every brand should explore the opportunities
  5. the offer/story should be placed where your target audience is the most active – over 74% of consumers make purchase decisions online, so the right combination of ‘offer’ and influencer can magnify this

Read Aura’s blogger interview series posts, starting with lifestyle blogger Thankfifi. They give real insight into how brands can work with influencers and how influencers themselves work.

8 tips on successful influencer relations

  1. let influencers have creative freedom
  2. do the research before to ensure the influencer is a right fit for the brand and budget
  3. look at engagement rates – don’t get fooled by follower numbers
  4. always negotiate a deal
  5. you’re not producing an ad, so let the content be natural
  6. don’t forget micro-influencers – they sometimes have an even more engaged following
  7. track, measure and analyse your campaign – often!
  8. don’t forget the rest of your PR and digital marketing – use influencers to compliment your strategy and activity

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