How I work

How I work and what you can expect

Your business objectives are at the heart of any public relations and communications activity whether it’s raising awareness of your product/service or selling your business.

I work with clients to understand their business/organisation – the good, the bad and the ugly, prior to developing any proposals. Fully understanding your business means fully understanding the challenges and opportunities. It starts with people, understanding, planning and preparation. Strategic goals and key performance indicators are essential in every strategy otherwise, what’s the point?

I adopt the ‘PESO‘ model, covering paid, earned, shared and owned ‘media’. PESO demonstrates a truly integrated approach, as you’ll see from the diagram below, and a return of investment. That’s essential to any business and furthermore, allows better monitoring, reporting, data, analytics and measurement.

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As a Chartered PR practitioner, you can be sure that you’ll get up-to-the-minute skills and knowledge from me through my commitment to continued professional development.

What happens first?

Once you’ve agreed I am the practitioner you’d like to work with, I’ll send over a client brief form, which asks questions about the business, the challenges, opportunities, competition etc. This will help me get a clear picture of your understanding of the situation and your business.

We’ll then agree a fee for the initial stages of discussion, meeting and strategy.

From there, I will work with your budget to prioritise strategic activity and we will agree key performance indicators, methods of evaluation and key milestones.

Will there be a contract?

Yes. Before I undertake any work, a contract will be written using the standard contract from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, which is there to protect both you and me.

You will also be provided with a copy of the CIPR’s Code of Conduct, by which I abide.

How can I be assured of quality?

As a Chartered PR practitioner, you can be assured of the very best quality in terms of knowledge, leadership, ethics and strategy. My Fellowship was awarded for outstanding contribution to the CIPR and the industry. Read more here.

I plan and complete my continuous professional development every year to sustain Fellow grade and my Chartered status.

I am also passionate about being the best practitioner I can be and to help keep pushing the industry forward, so my passion for public relations will shine in my work.

How do you measure success?

At the outset, we will have agreed objectives and goals for public relations work. After the project/campaign we will measure how effective it has been using AMEC’s integrated evaluation framework to ensure we’re providing valuable and measurable results.

How this is presented will vary per client and your requirements.

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