As The London Design Festival and 100% Design fast approach this month, we wanted to share our top tips for preparing for the design-led festivals, where international journalists, visitors and exhibitors will be pulling out all the stops to stay front of mind and be the point of conversation.

Making the most of your investment in the stand at the exhibition involves two key elements – attracting people to the stand and engaging with them when they are there. Now, every brand will be trying to do the same thing, so what will make yours stand out?


  1. Think about the audiences that are likely to be visiting and why they are there
  2. Are your competitors there? If so, what are they likely to be doing?
  3. What is the purpose of your exhibition?
  4. What do you want to tell people about your products, designs and services?
  5. What would people want to know about your brand?
  6. How do you want people to react when they come into contact with your brand at your stand?
  7. What are your key objectives and Key Performance Indicators from the exhibition?


  1. Have something that entertains visitors on your stand – it might be a video, game or people dressed up to match your stand theme
  2. Good brand design – make sure your stand has good brand design and it reflects what you’re trying to achieve. Outstanding stand designs say much more about your brand than a gimmick. Remember, this might be the first time someone has come into contact with your brand – first impressions count and last!
  3. Focus on being inviting, not just conveying information on your stand. For example, lighting and colour is important – make sure it’s relevant and inviting. Have you considered a photobooth on your stand to encourage people to over and participate? This also means you’ll have lasting memories!
  4. You’re in the field of design and you want to be known as innovative, creative and unique – make sure your stand, materials and literature all say this
  5. If you work with a PR agency, let them know months in advance what your plans are. The sooner they know, the sooner they can start working with the exhibition organisers to maximise opportunities in the lead up through the website, social media and editorial, during the exhibition with video content, social media and news bites, and after the exhibition with information on new commissions, new ideas and any news you will be releasing
  6. Looking for creative ways to gather data at the show can assist in sales lead generation
  7. The PR agency can also be on hand at the show – scoping out competitors, meeting with the press and bringing them to your stand, designing a social media strategy around other activity and being there to support you
  8. Follow up exhibitions with blog posts, comments, pictures, videos and generally what you got up to when you were at the show. People like to read engaging content and even if they weren’t able to make it, see what your brand delivered at the show

Aura PR has worked with brands at 100% Design over the last five or six years and we’d be delighted to hear from you if you think we can assist your brand in becoming more engaging and getting it right!

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