Now in its fourth year, the St Andrew’s Day Torchlight Parade in Glasgow is run by my client, the West End Festival.

Saturday, 30 November 2019

In past years, hundreds of people have gathered to light their flaming torches and walk through the streets of the west end, celebrating Scotland’s patron saint, St Andrew.

It’s not a political statement but it does allow proud Scots to celebrate their national day.

Did you know St Andrew was also patron saint of other cities and countries? Barbados, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Patras, Burgundy, San Andrés (Tenerife), Diocese of Parañaque, Telhado [pt], Sarzana,[1] Pienza,[2] Amalfi, Luqa (Malta) and Prussia; Diocese of Victoria.

This year, there will be lantern making for families before the procession, so the kids can make and take lanterns on the walk. There will also be some fire performers and glow-in-the-dark performers.

The event is supported by Scotland’s Winter Festivals and is one of the biggest St Andrew’s Day events in Scotland! Get your tickets and find out more information here .

See you there!