Client: The Lighthouse

Project: Creative Industries event

Date: November 2014



Aura was briefed by The Lighthouse to produce and promote an event to take place prior to a major event in Glasgow. The main event was top secret and our event was geared towards encouraging guests to attend the main event later that evening.

The major event turned out to be a light show ahead of the MTV EMAs that weekend. The City Chambers were lit up with a ground-breaking 3D light show for Labrinth’s latest single Let it Be.


Aura’s brief was to come up with the concept/theme for the event – without being told at this stage what the event at George Square consisted of – secure the speakers, promote the event and oversee it on the day. The event had to tie in with The Lighthouse’s position as Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture, while having a clear and logical link to MTV’s event in George Square.

We had to achieve maximum capacity of the conference suite – 100 guests. Realistically we had 3 days to organise and launch, with a further 4 days to confirm all guests. We needed a hook to achieve this in such a short space of time.


At short notice it was agreed that a simple, informative approach would work best and the creative industries were the target audience including PR, digital, web etc. The event should also include an opportunity to network. The quickest way we could engage the target audience of ‘creatives’ was through Aura’s network in the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, appropriate social media activity and of course The Lighthouse’s own network.

We agreed a case study approach with Q&As would work best as a format for the event, given it was a short late afternoon event, followed by a drinks reception offering a networking opportunity.

The event was pitched as a ‘VIP creative industries event’, which immediately got people intrigued. Through Aura’s creative contacts we secured a digital and a brand communications case study from two different creative agencies.

Tangent was secured to present its case study of bringing the Commonwealth Games brand to life and discussing overcoming challenges and Equator presented the development of Malmaison’s website, keeping a brand sexy but making it work online for e-commerce as well as the global digital photography campaign for The Macallan.

Once we received approval for the use of ‘MTV’ Aura created the hashtag #MTVCreativeImpact for the event and the build up to it. At this stage, we were still to confirm which MTV representative was coming to speak, but a request for a senior digital/comms person was made.

Prior to the event, the hashtag was used on social media to ensure awareness was created, discussions were taking place and promoting the limited availability of tickets. The event ‘sold out’ within 20 hours of the Eventbrite page going live, with 12 guests on a waiting list. This meant that the hashtag after this point was mainly employed to further build momentum prior to the event.

Three days prior to the event, we received confirmation that Philip O’Ferrall, Senior VP of Digital for Viacom/MTV was to be our VIP guest on the panel. He didn’t have time to prepare a case study or presentation, so the panel Q&A session was more for attendees to explore Philip’s work and engagement.

Aura arrived to set up a live Twitter feed prior to the event, using a paid-for piece of software which we branded and skinned. It was streamed on a screen in the venue during the event and also encouraged people who were not able to secure tickets to join in on the Q&A. Questions were invited from the floor and all three speakers had the opportunity to respond.

During the event Aura was also filming to make a round-up video of the event, with the aim of showing The Lighthouse as a venue as well as showing the pool of creatives in one room for an event.

Networking after the presentations and panel session presented a good opportunity to get feedback and to allow creatives to catch up and meet new people.


Tickets for the event sold out in under 20 hours, which meant that the event was pitched correctly and the awareness was spread widely across the networks.

The hashtag #MTVcreativeimpact reached 32,653 accounts on Twitter and made 280,184 impressions. We subtly attached the creative event to the buzz around the EMAs and as a result gained more conversations, tickets were sold out and much more traction was achieved across a wider network. Awareness for this small, last minute, event was high and it was an eagerly anticipated announcement, who the VIP speaker would be!

We also announced the speaker on Facebook. The two posts highlighting the popularity of the event, how quickly the tickets were selling/sold out reached an encouraging number of people. The first stating that 61% of the tickets were booked reached 479 people. All the tickets were booked up within 20 hours. The next, reached 665 people and was an announcement about a few tickets becoming available, this was liked by two attendees and was also shared by one of them.

We achieved quality speakers and case studies and there was a wide range of questions from the floor and a few from Twitter for the panel session.

Almost 100% of the feedback received was entirely positive. The stand out comment was ‘The Lighthouse has its buzz back. It’s great to see it thriving again and getting involved with other areas of creativity.’ The only slightly negative aspect was that one person hadn’t read the event booking page after it had been updated so she hadn’t realised it was a sit down event. A reminder had been sent to guest 48 hours prior to the event, to confirm timings and format.

The video shot on the night, received 45 views in the week following the event, without having been proactively used by The Lighthouse, and it will remain on The Lighthouse’s YouTube channel for future use and site browsing. The video was later pushed out across social channels, an email campaign and used on the website reporting back on the event. View the video here.