Yesterday I tuned into a PRCA webinar featuring leadership coach, Elise Mitchell.

I’ve always been skeptical of people who call themselves leadership coaches, but I’d heard of Elise before and I knew she had actually helped leaders across the world, so I was looking forward to hearing what she had to say. It made a lot of sense.

Here are some key takeaways of the discussion on being a leader – grip not quit

Make strategic decisions from a place of balance, not burnout.

Think of all the people you work with and support, from teams and employees to clients and family and friends. You’ll be no use to anyone if you’re overworked, fuzzy headed and not thinking clearly.

Energy expenditure.

I found this part really interesting and it’s talking about things which you need to be conscious about, which can help you develop.

Logging your energy expenditure. When do you feel tired? Have you just come off another Zoom? What time of day is it? What kind of work are you doing right now?

Re-energising yourself.

What makes you re-energise? Many people, including myself, answered “dog walk”. Just shows how powerful a quick dog walk can clear the head and focus the mind.

I was also thinking about gardening. I love tinkering in the garden. It distracts my mind from work and allows me to feel surrounded by nature.

Turn down the volume.

We have so many things on our mind, especially just now. Action plans, client work, new business, plans and ideas… The volume of chat in our heads is insane and we’re fighting to be productive sometimes as there is so much going on and it’s not all positive.

Turning down the volume of the negative stuff will hopefully increase positive energy.

By thinking negatively about a situation you are limiting situations to perform as a result. By thinking positively you’ll be applying your whole self and be more focused on a solution.

Take control of what you think

Finally, by taking control of what you think as a leader, you will think your way through a situation. You can control what you want to focus on.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my latest blog. I hope it’s helped you think about how can think a bit differently to be a more confident leader.

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