Blueprint for businesses to re-ignite

I believe SMEs are the lifeblood of our economy and are vital to the success of many of our country’s ambitions.

I also believe they have a real opportunity right now, to use the current situation to review their business models, truly integrate values, purpose, people and planet, plus come back leaner and more relevant than ever.

There are no government or organisation roadmaps to help businesses figure out how to relaunch when lockdown measures ease. There is uncertainty, there are difficult times ahead and business leaders across the world are trying to think how they can adapt, remodel and refocus for the new business era.

After two months of listening and learning, soaking up intelligence from markets, lawyers and more, I am pleased to launch my blueprint for businesses as a guide to helping them re-think, re-engage and re-ignite.

The following stages are included:

1. Review

2. Gather – data and intelligence, conduct research

3. Scenario and risk planning

4. Brand DNA

5. Leadership

6. Message

7. Timing

8. Business-ready

9. Joining the dots with meaningful and potentially difficult conversations

10. Brand leadership workshop – one-day realisation session with me, virtually

The blueprint was launched on Wednesday 27 May via a live webinar where businesses started to grasp the requirements of getting back to basics and then rebuilding their business.

The webinar replay is available to buy for £15+VAT. Email me to confirm.

The final part of the jigsaw is a bit of hand-holding. I don’t expect what I discussed to be easy for other people who aren’t in public relations and I don’t expect everyone will have the clarity they need to press on by themselves. My one-day (virtual) realisation workshop for leaders is about breaking down the ten points and working through them, so come the end of the session, you are equipped with a strategy to move forward and feel confident how and when you will be communicating.

Importantly, as a leader, you’ll be able to lead. Lead your business through turbulent times, lead your team and of course, remain relevant to your customer.

If you’d like me to work with you on getting your strategy right please get in touch. Please email me now to discuss the cost for your workshop.