A PR launch presents the opportunity to showcase your product or service and to reinforce why people should buy it. Customer experiences at launch matter 100%.

Your PR launch is firstly about your consumer and secondly about your brand. Without the purchaser, you wouldn’t be in business.

Here are 8 steps we’d go through to ensure your PR launch was a success.

PR launch

Miller & Carter photography for media launch

#1 set goals for your PR launch – specific and measurable goals must be agreed – otherwise how do you know the launch was effective?

#2 strategy – what are you launching and why is it important to the consumer? What value will it add to their job or life and what ‘problem’ are you solving for them? Once we’ve identified these elements we can look to develop a strategy around the value and problem. We must be specific about what we want to achieve and how we will measure the strategy

#3 activity – once you’ve gone through the brand development process and devised a strategy, let’s look at what type of PR launch activity your target audience would engage with. From events and traditional PR to brand activation, social media support and influencer relations, there may be one specific element on which we focus or there may be an integrated approach.

Activity could include: media and blogger event, giving them an actual experience of the brand; VIP launch giving them an experience of the brand; a video to be used on your website, social media and supply to the media, which is a fun experience of your brand; content created specifically for different platforms, telling the story of the brand and how it was developed; a media briefing or press conference (depending on the nature of the launch); email marketing for before, during and after; database development to capture data for engagement at the PR launch. The list can go on!

The most important aspect is to give the customer an experience of the brand. One they’ll delight in, one they’ll start to engage with the brand in and one they think ‘that brand really gets me’.

PR launch Glasgow Scotland

Influencers at Therapie Clinic launch event

#4 detailed work plan – once we’ve picked from our menu of activity we will draw up a timed work plan for the PR launch – it will include specific details on all activities, including timings, who you are targeting, what the message is, what the vehicle will be, how it would look and how we roll it out

#5 the best and most effective launches we’ve worked on have been a team effort between Aura and the client. It’s important we work together. Having said that, we’re quite happy to go away and get on with it once we’ve agreed the strategy and plan

#6 lists – get all your lists together and make sure you’ve covered off media, influencers, VIPs, shareholders, suppliers and anyone else who comes into the mix

#7 briefings – ensure everyone who is involved with the launch knows about the timings and activity

#8 PR launch day – reporting back and forth is import, including enquiries, requests for interview, any common trends which you may be able to take advantage of and of course feedback

#9 measurement and evaluation – this starts at the beginning and runs through your PR launch! How did you agree to measure? What were the outcomes of the activity and what was the impact of the those outcomes?

The above might seem time consuming and perhaps even outwith your skill set. That’s why you should consider working with a pro, to devise and deliver your PR launch activity. Get in touch now to discuss how Aura might be able to support your brand either on specific projects or ongoing work.