Brand Development

Brand development begins with the purpose of your brand and what it means to the target market

Aura works with brands on varying levels depending on their needs. From full brand development of a new brand to refreshing existing brands which are evolving.

Brand development is an area which is sometimes overlooked, mainly because ‘it’s always been like that’ or because you’ve not had enough guidance about what your brand needs to be doing and saying.

brand development

Aura refreshed the 2020 brand, including identity, website, stationery and marketing materials

Aura works with brands in retail, art, design, health and lifestyle, to define, refine, test and launch. From the logo identity to the mission, vision, values, personality and purpose. Public relations is best placed to assist with this core business meaning. Everything comes back to you who you are trying to sell to or engage with and what makes your brand what it is.

Aura recently worked with The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture, to develop sub-brands including The Lighthouse Late and The Lighthouse Events.

In addition to the logo identity and defining mission, vision, values and personality, you also have to consider how your brand is translated across different platforms and activities. For example, your content marketing will have to dovetail your brand strategy, personna and voice.

Here’s our simplified 10 steps to brand development:

  1. consider the overall business strategy
  2. identify the target market/audiences – we segement the audiences as each are different. For example, stakeholders, staff, media, consumer etc
  3. research the target market
  4. develop the brand positioning – write a brand statement
  5. develop the brand messaging – each audience will be interested in different aspects of your brand, so everything it tailored to the audience
  6. develop the name, logo, tagline
  7. develop the content strategy – strength and visibility work together
  8. develop your website
  9. develop your brand toolkit
  10. launch, evaluate, tweak and keep going!
brand development

Image courtesy of Blue Matrix

Let us work with you through these 10 steps to help develop your brand across multiple channels and get people engaged with your brand, helping grow your business. We’ll also draw on our experience with content marketing, our tools for research and analysis and the best part is testing the brand on the target audience, getting constructive, live feedback.

Contact us now to have an informal chat about how we can perhaps help.