Brand activation

Brand activation is about bringing your brand alive and giving users the real experience

If your brand is sponsoring an event or is showing at an exhibition, it’s essential proper thought is given to how you’re going to activate the brand when you’re there and give people a real flavour of your product/service and why they should buy it.

With the rise in augmented and virtual reality there’s a plethora of things brands can do to engage people. On top of that, we’re also looking into geo-targeting messaging and applications for on-site and local proximity messages. This is ideal for location-based sales, including restaurants, clothes shops and supermarkets. The idea is to send out personalised messages via bluetooth to someone nearby and it works via their existing apps, likes, previous purchases and behaviours etc. With the evolving tech scene, who knows what’s next!

brand activation aura pr scotland

We’re up for testing and really developing stand-out ideas for brand activation.

You might find this blog post interesting. It’s about how small businesses can use virtual and augmented reality as part of their engagement strategy.

What does your brand do? How do users interact with it? Contact us and we can help you develop a show-stopping idea!