I joined PRCA Scotland as its Chair in January this year. We set out to make things simple, effective and drive value for members.

In March, we very quickly changed our path, and helped lead the way, with online networking, learning events and an opportunity for checking in. Mental health has been, and will continue to be, a focus for us, as people work under new circumstances.

My Vice Chair, Lee Madigan has been a brilliant support and sounding board for the committee. Wilma Littlejohn, the PRCA Scotland Co-ordinator, has been a source of information, constant communication and great support for our members, too.

Lee will be standing down as Vice Chair at the end of the year and as such, I’m looking for someone to stand in her place. In addition, the NextGen group, is looking for a Co-Chair, as Sarah Mooney is stepping down as Chair.

In 2021 my ambition is to have the NextGen group more closely aligned and working with the main PRCA Scotland group, so both are helping each other.

The commitment for Vice Chair is roughly a few hours a month, helping to brainstorm ideas, discuss next steps and help me spread the load. I’m happy to talk anything through and I have no doubt Lee will be happy to share her thoughts, too.

So, if you’d like to work alongside Wilma and me, please get in touch with Wilma via email in the first instance.

You of course need to be a PRCA member, abide by its Code of Conduct and ideally, you’ll be keen to progress our industry in Scotland and collaborate with CIPR and other organisations.

We’ll be drawing a close to applications at the end of the month and making an announcement about the two new positions in December.

Finally, thanks to Lee and to Sarah for their valuable contributions to PRCA.