I’ve worked in public relations (PR) for over 14 years and I’ve never claimed to know everything, but I’ve had a fair bit of experience across sectors and industries and budgets.

I’m undertaking my Chartership Day  at the CIPR on 23 November and I was a bit nervous after I said I’d do the pilot day. I have never been particularly academic but I’ve learned about competencies and I’ve been doing CPD for a number of years to ensure my skills and knowledge are always up-to-date.

There are currently 52 Chartered practitioners in the UK (little in Scotland) and the aim is to make becoming Chartered the norm. It will help increase professional standards across the industry. So, rationale behind doing it is to increase my own professional standards, challenge myself, be part of something new and exciting and encourage others to take the same steps.

The day encompasses assessments focussing on three areas – ethics, strategy and leadership. We need to demonstrate a broad knowledge of the context in which the PR function operates and an ability to relate PR activities to the wider organisational considerations of clients/employers.

Whilst preparing for my Chartership Day, I’m also required to plan the next two years of my CPD activity. At first I thought, mmm, how will I fill two years with new things right just now, but then I started to dig a bit more into the Chartership Day prep papers and I’ve realised that if I use them as a guide, I can actually be very specific and very strategic in my approach to CPD. I more or less know where my strengths and weaknesses lie, but this has given me new confidence in developing the right CPD plan. When you don’t have a boss to conduct your review, you have to look for other ways of developing and challenging yourself!

Here are the top areas to consider for your PR CPD plan


  • Ethical behaviour
  • Ethical competence
  • Legal and privacy issues


  • Research and analytical skills
  • Strategic thinking and management
  • Planning
  • Evaluation and measurement
  • Counsel to management


  • Values and character
  • Business literacy and resource management
  • Diversity
  • Problem-solving and decision-making
  • Leadership skills

So, I’ll blog about the Chartership Day after, so you know what it’s like and what to expect for your day. It just goes to show that you never stop learning in PR, particularly as algorithms, tools and platforms are constantly developing. My top tips for your PR CPD plan should help.