Over the last couple of months, a group of ace PR people from across the PR industry, some even from outside the UK, have worked on a project, #PRstack.

The original project launched earlier this year with 15,000 words, 40+ tools and 19 contributors. It’s all about using crowd sourcing to modernise practice. I thought I was fairly on top of tools available to PR practitioners until I read the original list of 250!!

Sadly, my plate was full at that point of the first #PRstack and I couldn’t contribute. Have a look at the online version here.

Sharing and contributing

I am interested in the fantastic mindset of people who contribute to this type of community. A community where sharing and giving is seen as an investment. Not seen as giving away ‘secrets’. Different teams and practitioners will use and favour different tools. It’s how the tools fit into workflow that is a bit of a mystery.

Since the last #PRStack, I’ve been taking tools, one by one, trying to learn about the ones that might be most useful to me and my work. Some are way out of budget and I can’t justify the cost, some are not really that relevant but others, I have added to my learning list.

July and August were quieter months, which isn’t the norm for me, but I took the opportunity to get ahead on my CPD and learn new skills. Some save time and others help plan better. I’ll do more blog posts as I work through them.

What’s the impact?

Impacts and outcomes, rather than just the outputs of using the tool are of particular interest. Most modern tools have built in analytics, but unless you’re setting goals, the analytics won’t mean much!

I was pleased in July when Stephen Waddington (@Wadds) opened up the #PRStack project once again, inviting practitioners to participate in a second book of tools.

My chosen tool is MailChimp and I want to do a ‘how to’ for using MailChimp to integrate content. You’ll have to wait to see what it’s about when it launches in October!

Apparently we get a sneak peek this week….