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For a few years now I’ve been talking to PR colleagues around the UK and abroad about PR in Scotland being behind, and it is. On my honeymoon in California (nearly 5 years ago) I noticed a marked difference just in the hospitality industry with slick social media, targeted messaging after you’ve ‘checked in’ somewhere and it all seemed very joined up. There is limited sound content being created in Scotland that has the same feel and buzz of ‘big london names/agencies’, as I’ve discussed with various people including Dave from Zude (@ZudePR).

Is the issue because Scottish PR peeps haven’t caught onto the importance of it yet? Is it the influence their business/organisation or clients have over their activity? I’ve been guilty recently of generating very little content, but because I’ve been busy moving house, renovating it, bedding in new clients etc.

This post was prompted after reading Wadds’ post (@wadds) about public relations not modernising quickly enough and subsequently a chat with Sarah Hall (@hallmeister) about talking and action (amongst other things!). We’re both good at talking but we’re also good at taking action! The question is, how do we/you/I move things along in public relations? It can’t just be up to one or two people to modernise a global business?! Well, I’m taking on a personal mission in a couple of ways.

Firstly, I will work with public relations practitioners that do (and those that don’t to help spur them on!) understand how PR has moved forward, how it can add value and how we must be developing as an industry. Encouraging them to share their ideas, thoughts and tips too. This will include independent or ‘solo PR practitioners’ in Scotland and I hope to join up the dots and get other solo / independent PR practitioners around the UK and abroad in other networks to be joined up. There’s a gap there.

Secondly, I want to push myself. For the last year or so I’ve felt like I’ve had an ‘inner person’ waiting to break free – a mixture of frustration and passion for public relations but not having enough like-minded people around me (all the time) to help make things happen. I’ve discovered no-one is going to unleash anything (or anyone!) for me. I need to do it myself. In Richard Branson’s words, I need to surround myself with ‘great people’.

“Going it alone is a romantic notion but few if any entrepreneurs ever brought an idea to life without a lot of help.”

So today, I hope to inspire others, open a can of lively worms (I’ve been known to do that before!), create opportunities and be ‘disruptive’ in Scotland – in a good way. I get it, I’m doing it and I want other PR practitioners to follow. Stop thinking traditionally, open your mind to creativity and if you’re a true PR person, you’re entrepreneurial spirit will allow you to pull off some of the best work you’ve ever done. Trust me, my last week has just proved that!

I work across paid, owned, earned and shared media, but I’ve not been spending enough time writing blogs and sharing my thoughts recently. This is how I started to learn about social media and content marketing, by reading and engaging in other people’s blogs and social spheres.

Let’s stop being precious about our ideas and thinking. Let’s start sharing and collaborating, helping to modernise public relations and if like me you’re a CIPR member, you’ll be doing it at the same time as supporting the march to professionalism.

Get in touch with me if you’re an independent practitioner and want to get involved in the network, get in touch if you want to catch up and discuss or share this post if you think it can be of value to others. Thanks!