We know that taking time away from the desk is important, we all know it, but do we all do it?

Here at Aura we try to make the point to step away, stretch our legs to move our focus away from computer or phone screens during the day. It’s important to recharge even more so now the days are so much darker as winter creeps in.

We are particularly lucky in this respect to have an office dog! Eddie the miniature poodle gives us the perfect excuse to take some time out to play fetch or have a laugh at his odd doggie antics.

Eddie the office dog

He’s the real life equivalent of watching animal videos online (we all do it), without getting sucked into the endlessly distracting world of YouTube or Facebook.

Eddie is one of our favourite reasons to take a quick break. What we want to know is how do you make sure you take some time away from the screen? How do you recharge in the office?