For the last few years I’ve talked about launching a podcast. The main reason I wanted to launch a podcast is because I feel a lot more emotion and personality comes across through voice and discussion, rather than simply writing a blog.

The reason it’s called People buy People and not Aura Talk is because People buy People explains a lot more. I believe people buy into a person, their skills, their values and it’s how people start to trust and respect you.

I’ll blog later about the challenges I had when setting up, recording and doing all the tech stuff. That’s kind of why it’s taken so long to launch, plus I’ve been busy with PRFest, work, and I’ve had a couple of long weekends.

I’ll be adding a page for the show to sit on, on the website, so it can start to have a life of its own.

Here’s the link for now, which takes you to where my show is hosted…


People buy People podcast