Happy New Year everyone!

Have you set your resolutions yet? I read a great article on Girlboss about a not-do list, rather than a list of things you want to do. I think it can be equally as useful!

Things I need to not do… take on work I don’t feel passionate about, schedule Monday morning calls (I need Monday mornings to clear my emails and tackle anything which has arisen over the weekend) and try not to be all things to all people.

Things I’d like to do… get my CPD goals set now for the rest of the year, break my working week into blocks for planning, meeting/calls, doing, reporting, admin, new business.


I don’t think ‘new year, new me’ applies. I’m pleased with the progress Aura made last year, after the brand refresh and redefining my offering. I do want to tweak my website still. I don’t feel the ‘services’ section is working. It’s almost too confusing. I’m thinking of breaking it down to the following, as not all clients require all elements:

  1. Communication audits
  2. Stakeholder research
  3. Integrated public relations and communication strategy
  4. Strategic counsel
  5. Communication transformation (meant for more traditional businesses who have no idea how to restructure and upskill)
  6. Crisis PR and communication, including risk assessment
  7. 1-2-1 consultancy
  8. Contract consultancy

What do you think?

The key thing for me is that my clients and prospective clients know exactly what I can do to help them, their team and their businesses succeed through effective communication – internally and externally.

Big things I want to help clients with this year are; realising their vision and mission and what that means in terms of purpose and social impact. I also want to help clients to keep thinking differently. I love when clients want to do brainstorming days with me – it opens up so many more ideas and opportunities.

This month, I want to start to understand better how clients are preparing for Brexit. Public relations has such a big part to play in the impact of the agreement, by managing and building relationships to retain trust and goodwill, trying to resolve issues, and/or by having big discussions with suppliers, clients and basically, ensuring all stakeholders are on the same page.

My goals are centred around my clients and what I know (and think) clients need strategic advice about. Investing time in learning, understanding and ‘knowing’, ensures my clients get top advice.

How are you kicking off the year? Do you really know what your stakeholders need from you?

I’ll be investing more time this year to my Aura blog. It helps me think, formulate and encourages me to take action!

Very much looking forward to working with you in 2019!