A new mentoring plan which is a blend of mentoring and development coaching, has launched to help PR and communication practitioners develop in their roles and in the industry.

I’ve been working in public relations for over 19 years and have been involved in helping develop the industry and the practitioners who work in it, for over half that time.

I’m passionate about the people in our industry and I care about the future of it. I call myself an industry ambassador as I want to advocate the highest of standards in practice as well as help people get to where they want to be.

This year, I developed the CIPR’s free mentoring scheme, a light touch and self-service kind of thing. I was inundated with requests to mentor fellow practitioners, of which I chose an initial two, then an additional one later, which ended up not progressing.

I have made the decision to launch my own mentoring plan from today, 1 October because I just love helping people and it seems to just ‘work’!

Laura has been my mentor for six months and her support and insights have been invaluable. Her wealth of experience in public relations and business practice shows through in the advice she provides – and most importantly she listens. She has helped me take a long hard look at the skills and experience I have and how I can evidence these as I plan the next steps in my career. She has also shared resources to help me expand my knowledge in areas I want to develop further. The most important thing Laura has done is help me rebuild my confidence in my own skills and experience after a number of setbacks that had left me questioning my own abilities. Her guidance and support is allowing me to see how I can use my experiences from these setbacks to my advantage and I’m now excited about where I’m going in my career.

Caroline Richardson, Senior PR Consultant

Mentoring model

The model I will use includes personal and professional development and it will initiate exploration and support execution.

It will look at the challenges mentees face, choices to be made (and the consequences/outcomes), creative solutions (I like to think outside the box) and then evaluate progress.

What the plan also includes:

  • access to my experience and thinking
  • initial exploration consultation about the ‘why’ and agree goals
  • development plan
  • a monthly catch-up Zoom
  • shared experience
  • introductions to contacts
  • free access to resources I’ve already created
  • constructive feedback
  • everyone will be treated equally, as human beings
  • confidentiality
  • I’ll challenge you!

The plan is for four or nine months. The pilot cost is £499/£849 + VAT. (You can pay this on a monthly basis, but you must commit to the four or nine month plan.)

In reality, I have to charge for my time, (but not at consultancy rates, you’ll be pleased to know!). This is however an investment. An investment in your progression and future and the pricing is based on the value I will add.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or you’d like to progress with one of the above options.

Two spaces available from October!

Update: 6 October. The pilot spaces for the Mentoring and Development Coaching plan have now been filled.

The next intake for new mentees will be November. The cost will be £675 for four months or £1,500 for nine months.