Kicking off this week, Aura will be hosting three events for the PR and communication industry.

On Thursday, Laura will be ‘In Conversation with Roy Templeton, Head of communication at BBC Scotland’. Attendees are invited to send their questions in advance. Register here.

Laura has been invited by Business Women Scotland community to talk to members about communication and marketing during lockdown on 24 February. This will be more discussion based, rather than a presentation.

On 11 March, Laura will be delivering a short presentation and hosting a discussion on why it’s PRs role to help the climate emergency. Book here for free.

P.S. Did you notice I’ve published Aura’s carbon footprint for 2020? It’s on the homepage. You can do a simple, self-assessment here, too.

On 30 March, Laura will talk a bit about the barriers she has faced and how she overcame them, then will moderate a discussion on getting out of your own way. Full details and booking here for free.

Also on 30 March, Laura will be speaking at the PRCA International Summit about Misinformation and Climate Change, with former client and climate emergency specialist, Dr Martin Valenti. This is in the lead up to COP26 and as part of Laura’s contribution to the PRCA’s latest strategic initiative. News on this to come soon!

“I feel that hosting these events is important, because it’s starting important conversations in the industry that’s not necessarily being had already.

“I also made it my mission at the start of the year to put myself forward for speaking at events, as I think people knew me as the organiser rather than the skilled and experienced pro who could also do the talking!

“My events are always discussion based for maximum learning. I’m really pleased with the numbers already booked. I hope to see you there!”