A new app, Clubhouse, was launched last year and it saw only few thousand celebs and influencers join.

It’s an audio-only app and is only for Apple users. Are you on it?

Every Friday at 12.30pm I join Rachel, Clare and Catherine for the “PR Power Hour” (soon to be changed to something less intimidating), where we host a ‘room’ and users of the app can join our room (essentially a virtual event), and listen to our discussion. If they want to ask a question or respond, they can raise their hand and one of the moderators can add them to the stage.

It’s worth tinkering about the site to get to it.

I’d say it’s useful for building a new, different type of community, it’s great for sharing knowledge and wise words, plus, as it’s audio-only, it’s perhaps less demanding of attention that a ‘live’ on another platform.

If you need an invitation, let me know. I have a few…

The app, which is invitation only, has taken off in a big way, but who knows for how long. It’s longer term plans haven’t been revealed and accessibility is in question already.