Today we heard that Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos, has bought the Washington Post for £163 million, previously owned as a family business for 80 years. This follows the Boston Globe sale which was announced last weekend.  Click here to read the BBC’s story about the WP sale.

I find this very exciting, as the internet’s innovator, must have plans to invent, innovate and transform the newspaper (industry) – the industry has suffered over the last few years from a decline in advertising to a slow realisation that to continue to engage with consumers, who get their news online, their online resources need to be reviewed and quickly developed.

As an aside, we like the Daily Mail’s campaign which was launched as a result of The Sun going live with its online paywall, playing on it’s free to view Mail Online, which is now averaging 8 million daily browsers.

A recent article posted by the BBC, says that a Yahoo survey with 11,000 respondents across nine countries revealed that:

respondents were most likely to say that the internet had become their most important source of news in Spain, Italy, Japan and urban Brazil.

TV still had the upper hand in Germany, France, Denmark, the UK and US.

However, that picture changed among the young – in all the countries except France the under-35s said that they favoured online news sources, while the over-45s strongly preferred television.

Frank Kauffman, a senior Counselor at Edelman, posted an interesting blog today talking about his experience of real journalism when he was a journalist and then posed the question “will the “Billionaire Saviors” maintain the high professional – and ethical – standards set by the Post and the Globe over many decades.”

Bezos said he was excited and optimistic about the “opportunity for invention” and if he pulls it off, then I’m sure it won’t be long before the newspaper industry is revolutionised across the world. Let’s watch this space…

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Post by Laura Sutherland, Managing Director, Aura PR