As an intern at Aura PR, my first task was to come up with an idea for a Christmas campaign to engage clients, our social audience and demonstrate the excellent work the agency has worked on throughout the year. At the start, I was unsure of what a campaign actually entailed, so I spoke to Laura and had an outline of how a campaign is formed and executed. I then set to research what digital agencies had done in the past for their Christmas campaigns – we felt digital would be more lively than a straight forward e-card.

My brief was to ensure it was integrated and would work across all our channels, maximising our impact. Laura had already briefed a design agency to design the concept for e-card.

Several companies had incorporated pets and animals into their campaign and as Laura brings her dog Eddie along to the office I thought this could be a great idea. However, as my research widened I noticed one agency which had effectively utilised video content within their campaign, with the inclusion of upbeat music and their use across multiple platforms.

Eddie the office dog


Laura and Caroline have discussed with me why they use video content for engaging people. Incorporating a video into the campaign would work well across all the Aura platforms as well as be fun and showcase the year’s work. Props were used to represent each month of the year (for example, Christmas hats and fairy lights for December) and our computer screen was filmed with fluctuating images of Aura’s work to show the work changing throughout each of the months .

Caroline and I filmed the video on a Friday afternoon – it’s safe to say we were both feeling festive at the end of the day. The video has been carefully edited, with the inclusion of upbeat music and has been uploaded onto Aura’s social media platforms and onto its website to increase traffic. Be sure to check out the video, and let us know what you think!

caroline xmas

Caroline blowing her own trumpet!

The designers finalised the design for the Christmas campaign which was used across an email campaign and Aura’s social skins were all changed to ensure it was integrated.

Prior to this process, I didn’t understand what a campaign involved therefore I learned a lot from the experience. I also realise now that filming takes a lot more consideration than I first thought. I definitely underestimated the time that planning, filming and editing the video would take which is something I’ll take on board in the future. Additionally, I have more knowledge regarding the importance of utilising social media platforms to promote a video and have witnessed the effects of this as the video has received 38 views within only a week.

Aura has successfully engaged their client’s target audience through utilising video content in the past. At The Lighthouse’s 15th Anniversary event Aura produced a video to celebrate the 15 years which included old black and white graphics and upbeat music. Additionally, at the MTV Creative impact event at The Lighthouse, Aura created a round-up video of the event, which showcased The Lighthouse as a venue as well as showing the many creatives who were all present for the event. The videos were uploaded onto the clients social media platforms to gain exposure and have each gained many views.

Video content is quickly becoming a key tool used to satisfy information and entertainment needs. It is naturally engaging and at a time of information overload, it’s vital to offer content that is easy to process. A picture tells a thousand words but a video is worth a million.

Everyone here at Aura wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Blog post by Amy Geddes, Intern