I wouldn’t describe myself as a ‘petrol head’ but I would say that I appreciate fine cars, their smell, lines, speed and of course their roar.
My Dad had a love for cars, even when he was in his 20’s he owned Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Jaguar’s and a gold Rolls Royce when he was around 40! My favourite, or the only one I can really remember, was the Lister (a 1980s XJS stripped down and then hand built) – in its time, it had immense speed and looked like a Batmobile. There were only three in the UK and ours was the only red one. Rosso Red. Stunning Connolly Leather interior, hand stitched and piped seating, walnut dash..blah blah, you get the message!

Lister Jaguar

My husband also happens to appreciate cars and as a result, we like to go to an occasional F1 Grand Prix and visit car shows such as Goodwood Festival of Speed. All the car brands exhibit there but there’s much more to it. There’s racing, eating, shopping, drinking and occasionally a glimpse of someone famous! You can get up-close and personal to many super cars including Pagani, Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar and many vintage cars too.

When Aura won the contract to work with Lotus on the international ‘first drive’ for the Evora in 2009, which was held in Scotland, you can imagine my delight! Working with cars, talking about cars, learning about cars, being whizzed around a race track by a pro driver in a prototype – AND getting paid to deliver what was a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable event, over two weeks. I LOVED IT! See the case study here, although reading it back, it doesn’t do our work justice. There was so much collaboration with the teams at Lotus. Note to self for to-do list!


I had the great pleasure of meeting Ian Callum recently, someone I’ve spoken to on Twitter for a couple of years. He agreed to Chair the judging panel for The Lighthouse Design Impact Awards last year. It was like an opportunity to pour out about cars and talk about new technology, future trends in EVs (electric vehicles) and hybrids and what was coming up for Jaguar. It was also fab to work with Jaguar’s lovely PR team on all our requests, in particular Gordon Snoddy and Laura Edwards.

In another way, I worked with the automotive industry through a client, Bridge of Weir Leather. They worked with Aston Martin, Jaguar Landrover, Ford and once upon a time, even DeLorean! I travelled to Geneva International Motor Show with them a few years ago and was lucky enough to meet the designers of the brands and even interviewed Marek, Aston Martin’s design chief! Here’s a few pics I took when I was there – you’ll notice the Evoque – this was a couple of years before it was launched!

Anyway, I think you’ll get the message by now! I keep hoping another car manufacturer/brand will do something as fabulous as Lotus, and not just a ‘leg of the tour’ but do the whole hog in Scotland! I’d love to do more automotive work here in Scotland, especially as we have the most amazing routes and scenery for driving and photography/filming!

Funnily enough, as I type, I’m listening to Fleetwood Mac and the old BBC F1 tune came on, The Chain!

Thanks for reading – I hope you enjoyed the Tuesday afternoon post, thinking back 6 years (and the rest)!

Blog post by Laura Sutherland


PS. The featured image on the Aura Talk page is of the client, Bridge of Weir, sitting in an Evoque frame at the LandRover party in Geneva.